Forum Rules- Updated Jan. 27, 2010

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Forum Rules- Updated Jan. 27, 2010

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1. Any topics which criticize, complain about or generally disapprove of or any related content or attitudes must be posted in the "Problems and Concerns" section. Any posts elsewhere will result in an automatic deletion of the topic and banning of the user.

2. Only post topics that are relevant to the forum section that you are posting in.

3. Search before you start a new topic. Posting a topic which has been previously posted numerous times will result in us pointing out your error, insulting you in various ways and locking the topic, as well as a possible lecture on intelligence and common sense in general.

4. Do not go off topic (excluding the "Off Topic Discussion" section).

5. Anything you post here now belongs to us and we can do whatever we want to it; including but not limited to deleting, editing, plagiarizing, criticizing, mocking, taking your post out of context, and implying things that you did not say and may not be true. By posting here you are putting yourself at our mercy and we are unforgiving, sadistic, jerks.

6. Spam of any kind (except our own) will not be tolerated.

7. This is a forum, not a chat room. You are expected to maintain a certain minimum level of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and general coherence. The edit button is there for a reason; use it if you need to.

8. These rules may change at any time without notice and you are expected to follow them.