Sinister Creation FAQs

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Sinister Creation FAQs

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Sinister Creation FAQs:

1. Can I post this same work on places other than
Sure, you can even post it somewhere else first.

2. Can I keep my copyrights while it is posted here?
No. To avoid potential legal issues, you have to make it public domain (or you could just give the rights directly to us); but you will be credited for the work. Unless you state otherwise, it will be assumed that have read and agree to this.

3. Can I post other people's work?
No. If you're not the copyright holder (usually the creator of the work), than just post a link to the work.

4. Can I put links to my own site within the text of my creation?
Sure, as long as it's relevant to the text (and preferably is a site that's entirely villainesque).

5. Does my creation have to be text based?
No, it can be an image, a video, or even an audio file. As long as it meets our other criteria and you can get it to us, there's a chance we'll post it.

6. So you'll post anything I give you?
No. One of the reasons we don't allow creators to directly upload their content is to ensure the content's quality. This means that we may do minor edits to your creation, or outright reject it if it's no where near our standards.
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