The Snail Factory

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The Snail Factory

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Phil only lasted 2 days at Station 6, Floor B-12, Shell Wing of the main facility. In that time, he spent 7 hours resting, 30 minutes eating, and only 30 minutes doing anything that could be considered work. Additionally, the work was not the job he was hired to perform, but rather the work of Josh Talbot Snarfle for whom Phil covered during Josh's "Morphine Time".

Their supervisor was Terrence "Terry" Toma, who has over the last couple months risen from a tumor in the lung of another employee to a transport driver to a shell delivery specialist to B-12's junior operations supervisor. This was the top position he secured at the factory, departing in 1944 to fight on the Pacific Front.

Phil's promotion moved him to the 4th floor offices of the Factory's corporate office tower, where he found himself at a desk between Efengi Gudmundson (Head of Slimes and Mucus) and Bill Grable (Whistleblower Termination). Phil was placed in charge of Inter-Isle Counterespionage Documentation, where he was required to organize the extensive and disarrayed paperwork covering the Factory's hunt for any Helmith House spies, of which he was the only one.