The Snail Factory

Ohne Paddel

The Snail Factory

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(Continued From Blurb 68)

Mr. Sink wasn't content in the storage room. Day in and day out, filthy tentacles and grimy paws were washed off in his basin. It wouldn't do for a war hero. For a spy.

It should come as no surprise that Sink's rise in the factory began with a murder. She was Karen, a silkworm who worked as a production materials inventory specialist. Every Friday she would take stock of the room and dust herself off under Sink's hot water. She never knew he was alive until moments before she herself was not. He beat her across the head with his inlet supply connector and immediately dragged her to the main office building.

"Silkworm was a whistle blower" he told Dr. Breign. The new C.E.O. thanked him profusely and rewarded him with a job doing what he'd proven so good at doing- Taking care of whistle blowers. Not understanding the term but caught up in Sink's exuberance, Dr. Breign gave him the names of all the Factory's morning shift whistle blowers. Mr. Sink killed them all within a week and productivity came to a halt with no morning whistles to signal the start of the shift.

Elliot corrected the mistakes, hired new personnel and covered up the deaths. He demanded then and there that Sink be stuffed in a crate and left to rot in a security vault. Breign wouldn't have it for such a loyal assassin. Mr. Sink would have another year running "odd jobs" for the reigning cranium until the horrific act that would finally convince the entire factory of his treachery.

The story of that gruesome event will also be told... Aber nicht heute.