The Snail Factory

No Plantain, No Gain

The Snail Factory

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The bag in question was left at the factory earlier that year by Anna Phauxphana the Sadness Banana (See Episode 28). Within it was Dwayne, her husband of 7 months.

Growing up on the same tree, they were separated at a young age and sent to different schools. Anna headed to the Banana Academy where she focused on ripening, while Dwayne was destined for Plantain Training in the Musa school, which forbade such development.

Taught to despise each others kind, both were fist sickened to find themselves placed side by side in their respective sections of the grocery store. Until of course, they realized that they had met before. Shunned by their own producekind for even speaking, their affair was scandalous throughout the market, earning them criticism from the mushroom bin to the raspberry section. It was clear they had to leave.

Opportunity came when Clemency Justice Constance Prudence O'Connor bought a banana bunch and Dwayne hid within. The batch was cruel to them both, despising their affair but bound together at the stem. Thankfully for the young couple, the bananas were bananas and lacked any means with which to do anything about it. They arrived at the O'Connor home with few bruises.

As the others were consumed ripe or left to blacken and become banana bread, Dwayne and Anna eloped and begged on the streets to stay alive and fresh. Hearing their story, the Founder of Motivation Fruit took pity on them and thought their moving tale might help inspire others. They were among the first that Barry O'Terry The Betterment Cherry hired for his troupe and also proved among the longest surviving, the life span for Motivation Fruit averaging about 3 hours.