The Snail Factory

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The Snail Factory

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The Fourteenth episode is for many readers the point at which Snail Factory finally jumped the shark, nuked the fridge, and pissed in the gas tank. The shoddy production values and lessening quality of the visual effects led many to believe that the series had lost its credibility and ceased to strive for artistic merit in favor of ratings. Said director Carlton Aegis, "We knew giving Mr. Oakley cancer was a risk for our reputation. Many a sitcom and series had resorted to this same means as an attempt to bolster ratings, but I maintain that this was the planned story from the beginning: We had to introduce Terry in the coming episodes and Mr. Oakley's affliction was the only way to do that." Though Aegis's assertions proved true and such accusations seldom appear today, the damage was done and Mr. Aegis never worked in the industry again. Though nobody associated with us at Snail Factory Summarization Conglomerate has been able to contact him, rumor has it that Mr. Aegis turned to producing pornography in Guam, where he caught no less than 41 venereal diseases from his cast and died to be buried in an unmarked grave.

CORRECTION: Mr. Aegis would like it to be known that he is in fact doing well in his retirement in England, having never caught a venereal disease or produced anything but a legitimate and non-pornographic work. The writer responsible for the preceding summary was fired immediately upon this discovery, and after losing his job is rumored to have turned to prostitution on the streets of Chicago.

ADDITIONAL CORRECTION: In this case due merely to a typo and no hard feelings on our part, the last line of the previous correction should have read "Is rumored to work at Applebees". We greatly regret this error and hope that the writer will someday leave this vile employment to achieve his dream of giving hand jobs for meth in Chicago. Good luck, Tony!