The Snail Factory


The Snail Factory

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It was almost a week before Djinnzilla was caught in the net of a local fishing boat. Mistaken for a jellyfish, Djinnzilla was freeze dried and sold at a fish market in Hong Kong for 12 pence. Once cooked and served, Djinnzilla was ingested by a kind family of seven and defecated into the local sewer.

It was in the sewer that Djinnzilla met one of its own kind, Sadudo, genie of the second manhole from the left on Lin street. Djinnzilla made the only wish it could, that none of it, Djinntron, Djinnzilla, the gunshot, ever happened.

This didn't work of course and that's why Djinnzilla spent another 5 years caught in a pebble trap.