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The casting of Medusa posed serious problems for the production of Episode 27. During her audition, the curse resulted in the camera exploding and the film burning to a cinder. The original casting director died instantly, turned to stone, as did two production assistants and a passerby.

When it came to the actual episode, most of the cast and crew were able to look at her via mirror or polished shield (On loan from the Perseus Collection). Hydra himself was able to glance at her, but every time he did his eyes turned to stone and the resulting 44-eyed heads had to be hidden for plot reasons. The photographer stated again and again that the best way to handle Medusa for the comic itself would be to show only her breasts, which he noted were at least Ds and were quite a contrast to the lady's face. I mean, they were a little saggy but the chick is like 7000 years old and they only started selling bras in the 1930s. And still, they're pretty damn good. Like did you see that shot of Uma Thurman in Cosmo? They're about like that but green and scaly.

Still Medusa's face didn't allow for proper light metering and her green skin came out a bit on the dark side, leading to accusations of Anti-Gorgonism and racial insensitivity. In the end, censors elected that her face be precensored, not only to ensure the film stock would remain intact but to discount any possibility of her face driving the audience insane or turning younger viewers to stone from afar.

Side note- U Tynjang was very disappointed that his line "Suck my cuticle you polycephalic whore," was cut from the final version.