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Stephanie Daniels of Nordmont, PR writes:

"Dear Snail Factory guys, if Dr. Breign is a doctor, then shouldn't he be at least kinda smart? I mean he's like a giant brain so it would make sense, but he's really stupid and mean. PS you should have more episodes with Willy, the one eyed fuzzy guy."

From the Author:

"Dear Stephanie, Dr. Breign is not a doctor. "Dr." is actually his first name, pronounced "Durr". As for Willy, we don't have any episodes planned for him right now but as a special favor just for you, we've hidden him somewhere in your house. He might be in your yogurt, he might be under your pillow. We hope you have fun finding him, and we hope you find him soon because his hairs are actually quite an irritant and if ingested, may cause severe intestinal problems. Thanks for writing and have a snailerific day!"