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The Snail Factory

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The first Wooly Snail (Mammuthus Pomatia) lived in the halls and floors of the Snail Factory from its birth in 1941 until its death in 2007.

Though the species was never selected for mass production, the prototype did manage to mate with several free range snails, two later prototypes and one accountant, the first of those providing a litter of several hundred offspring who kept the species alive, though only at about 1/3 of the size of the original beast.

"Whiskers" as the personnel liked to call him, lived mostly on an appetite of discarded cafeteria food and rainwater. A strange quirk came in the form of his scatological behavior. He would only defecate in one place for his entire life, the locker of a manager named Efengi. Though Efengi was happy to change lockers, the Wooly Snail actually changed with him, finding the distinctive aroma of Efengi's belongings and spraying them in what the research molds believed to be a territorial display. The animal's diet of cafeteria leftovers, many of them now known to be toxic to workers and snails alike, saturated each locker and the contents thereof with an odor described by author Richard Sterling as "pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock".

The guano was sold by the Snail Factory as both a high-grade fertilizer and as an exotic pâté with no differences except for the label and price.