The Snail Factory

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The Snail Factory

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Oddly enough, Mucus Vat 27B-6 was not critical to gastropod production at the time. After researching the protein quality of the vat, Willy went on to monitor the cable and tube systems that pumped materials in and out of the massive fermentation and filtration complex. He was surprised to find that the vat lead not east toward the production line, but south to the cafeteria.

Back in 1928, Chef Marshall "Crumb" Goulet had ordered the vat's production redirected to his saucier's station. This accomplished two things: First, the Lagoon Spire Snail nearly went extinct. Second, the cafeteria grew more popular overnight. The sweet and oddly familiar flavor of mucus boosted every dish to new heights of flavor. By 1932, royalty and international dignitaries would fly in from across the globe to sample the snot laden meals of the factory kitchen.

This episode depicts the events that lead to the decline of this golden era. As war loomed on the American horizon and engulfed Europe, the few connoisseurs who still frequented the renowned cafeteria found it's food had suddenly lost its distinctive flavors. By the time Elliot realized the secret ingredient and corrected the problem it was too late.

Shortly after V.J. Day in 1945, Chef Goulet departed the factory for his ancestral France where he opened a small Escargot joint, which passed to his son, and finally grandson in 1998. The family never forgot the secret ingredient that made the SF cafeteria so popular, and to this very day they come out to the table of every customer to hock a loogie, launch a snot rocket, or disgorge their home brew into the soup du jour.