The Snail Factory

Fleming Wept

The Snail Factory

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The setting? Elliot's workshop. His workshop and his office are not one in the same. In addition to being 20% Tinker Toy, Elliot is also a bit of a Tinker as a hobby.

Not needing to sleep, Elliot spends much of his off time in a small machine shop adjacent to the primary factory floor. There he constructs gizmos and gadgets for his own amusement. To this day, he has never learned that he himself was constructed in that very room. The founder of the Snail Factory made him of spare parts to function as an administrative assistant to handle paperwork and other menial tasks. Thus Elliot isn't the most creative or humorous fellow, but he is a most efficient C.F.O. and has a real knack for fixing and problem solving.

The founder's grandson and current Snail Factory C.E.O. is utterly unaware of Elliot's origin, or even job title. He's even less aware that the factory would fall apart within a week of his departure should Elliot ever quit, and absolutely completely unaware that Elliot is the kind soul who, since Dr. Breign was 4, has left chocolates on his pillow every morning with small notes of encouragement and advice.

Elliot himself is unaware that Dr. Breign has never read any of them, having always mistaken them for wrappers.