The Snail Factory

Efengi Makes a Photocopy

The Snail Factory

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There are two questions about Snail Factory we hear over and over: First, what are those headless yellow eye-stalk women all over the factory, and second, what really did happen to Efengi in Episode 56? Well as this blurb will appear at the bottom of Episode 56, We feel it's time to answer one of those questions.

As you know (If you've paid attention), the Factory liked to hire prestigious mythic figures such as Thoth, U Tynjang and most recently Priapus. One such figure was the Greek prince of punishment himself, Hades. Once tasked with the punishments of Prometheus, Sisyphus and Tantalus, Hades took over as Head of Quality Control from 1901-1936. In his 35 year tenure, Hades was an apt supervisor and despite devouring Peter Pomegranate for flirting with his wife Persephone, there were few problems resulting from his employ.

Until that is, Dr. Breign took over. Hades couldn't stand the boy and intended to leave along with Breign Senior. The young Breign had other plans and tried to trick the old devil into staying. This was a very bad idea. Upon seeing through the trick (In which Breign attempted to mimic the voice of Zeus over the phone) Hades tendered his resignation and cursed the factory with a hundred sulfur demons. These demons wreaked havoc and reeked sulfur on the factory for a solid month until Elliot convinced them that they had a right to unionize and seek more gainful employment than that of hell.

So the yellow sulfur women ceased their torments and began to work for the Factory, improving the workflow drastically. And that's where we see the Factory today, with almost 70 of the sulfur demons still working. Though they no longer wear their infernal markings or fishnets and Dr. Moco gave them eyes where their claws once were, they still prove a feisty batch and their brimstone aroma has lead many to conclude that Ile Saint-Paul is volcanic.