The Snail Factory

Loyalty Building

The Snail Factory

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Elliot's cousin Gilbert (Visible here in the center of the Loyalty Building's courtyard) was built by Grover Breign Jr. a few years after Elliot was built by Grover Breign Sr.

Originally intended to function as a vegetable slicer, Grover Jr. forgot to convert from metric and ended up building the fellow three times the proper height. This made him too unwieldy for most vegetables but perfect for work as a Guillotine. Though he attempted to find a job as such in France, that country was coming to the end of its decapitating years and to this day, Gil has not cut off any heads (That we know about).

The Snail Factory, despite its occasional cruelties, never once (intentionally) executed an employee (by decapitation). All the same, Gil's appearance made him a perfect host for the annual Loyalty Building seminar and the medium security dungeon in which it was traditionally held.

In his spare time, Gil enjoys chopping, hacking, cutting, slicing and otherwise dismembering various objects. Still alive and well in 2012, his most recent work has been as an editor for the films of Michael Bay, Marcus Nispel, and the 22nd James Bond film "Quantum of Solace".