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The Snail Factory

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Timmy writes:

"I would like to do something like this when I get older. What's the best way to get into the invertebrate production racket?"

Dear Timmy,

Every day we receive hundreds of letters from children like you asking how they can be part of Mollusc Making Macrocosm! To all children our advice is the same: First, you have to be diligent in school. Always be honest and do your homework, and show up to class on time every day. Good grades are the key to choosing a career when you grow up. And always remember to brush your teeth in the morning AND at night! Thanks for writing and the best of luck for your future!

Timmy writes again:

I am 37 years old, you condescending bastards. I was hoping to develop a new production model for the gastropod production business and ensure a comfortable retirement but your elitist drivel has shown me one thing- Yours is a world of incompetence and frustrating corporate bureaucracy and I wouldn't work with you if my life and career depended on it. I'll just go into computers...

Tim Berners-Lee