The Snail Factory

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The Snail Factory

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Count Orlok's trip had not gone at all as planned. As soon as he left the Carpathian Mountains, the bumpy carriage ride woke him from his slumber. Not being able to leave his coffin during the daylight and having neglected to keep a book within the earth laden box, he found himself bored sick until nightfall.

The night cruise to Varna went well enough as the count had taken plenty of Dramamine but even then it wore off as they approached the port and he felt the nausea kicking in as they stopped, so he didn't feel like feeding in town. Just as well as a particularly nasty blood-bourne parasite was rampant in the area. He was starving when the next night fell and once loose aboard the Demeter, he drained every crewman of blood within the first night and the ship lost its course, eventually listing into some rocks near Istanbul.

The U.S.S. Nairobi was nearest to the wreck, having been dispatched by one of Admiral Claude Charles Bloch's men to deal with an intelligence matter in the Black Sea. The purpose and paperwork listing the exact reasons was lost in the attack on Pearl Harbor. But the Nairobi took on the single coffin, having found no men aboard the Demeter's remains.

Sated by blood, Orlok held his composure aboard the Nairobi well and gradually milked the crew far into the Indian Ocean, finishing the last as Ile Saint-Paul and its factory appeared on the horizon.

As Oskar and Efengi scouted out the ship's interior, Elliot reviewed his notes trying to ascertain why the ship had arrived. He found only one note for a visit by a potential investor which he thought had been cancelled (as in truth it had)- One "Carl Morlock, said to be pale and travel in darkness". Elliot immediately assumed that the visitor had arrived despite the cancellation, and that his name must have been different owing to a middle initial.