The Snail Factory

They Call Him Mr. Tiggs

The Snail Factory

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Though Elliot and Dr. Breign interviewed management officers themselves, it would have been impractical for them to speak to every new employee. Thus, Elliot had the research molds grow The Great Scrutinizer.

The Great Scrutinizer, often abbreviated T.G.S. or "Tiggs" by upper management, had the job of analyzing every new hire in depth, judging their strengths and weaknesses, weighing each according to the Factory's needs and then making the call. Tiggs weighed almost 50 tons and was kept in a custom built vault beneath the furnaces from which he drew his sustenance. Mostly. He also tended to devour those he rejected for their jobs.

Overeating as he did, Tiggs expanded beyond his intended size and by 1971, took up most of the space beneath the factory and replaced the island itself to function as the bedrock once did. So it was that by 1973 the factory was capable of lifting up and wandering around the ocean. Such a thing only happened once of course, and that historic event is so well known as not to bear detailing here.