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Free Alpha Demo Release-

We have now officially released the free Alpha demo for Terror Chasm. It includes 100 single player levels of the game, all lovingly crafted by our custom-made A.I. level generation system, for you to download and enjoy! It has taken awhile to get to this point, and it's very exciting to finally unleash some of our work on to the world. Our plan now is to begin disseminating this demo around the Internet, showing it to people and to get everyone we can to try it out. This is designed to both spread awareness of the game and provide a small sample of what everyone can expect from the full game's release. We want to start building a fandom of people who are interested and invested in Terror Chasm. And what better way to do that than to give them a taste of what we can really do?

If you'd like to try out this awesome demo for yourself, you can find the free download at the very top of the main Terror Chasm page. Have fun!

- False Prophet