Philosophical Content Advisory

Twisted Jenius LLC ("Twisted Jenius"), its owners, employees or affiliates are not responsible for any emotional, psychological, social, legal, or spiritual damage which may occur as a result of viewing our content or purchasing our products. Be warned, results of viewing Twisted Jenius content may include, but are not limited to: psychological derangement, insanity, predatory actions, increased materialism and greed, incarceration, excommunication or the equivalent of, depending on your particular faith, being shunned or disowned by family and friends, exportation or banishment from your country of residents, cynical worldview, desire for global domination, damnation of your eternal soul and/or loads of bad karma and any number of socially deviant behavior(s), up to and including crimes against humanity.

Twisted Jenius is not responsible for any evil which may, directly or indirectly, be unleashed on to the earth or any other region of the charted or uncharted universe, as a result of viewing, and/or the very existence of, this site.

Any and all forms of brainwashing or reprogramming may be occurring as you view this site. By viewing this site, you are agreeing to these terms; as well as agreeing to subject yourself to any other psychological or philosophical manipulation tactics or mechanisms which may, or may not, be present and active. Although Twisted Jenius, its owners, employees and affiliates are not responsible for any socially or otherworldly negative or criminal consequences which may occur as a result of viewing and/or existence of this site; we do claim all rights to any financial or intellectual property which may occur, be created, earned or surface, directly or indirectly, as a result of one or more people viewing this site. All of your earthly and material possessions, intellectual property, legal rights and powers, body, mind, consciousness and any and all states of being in this life, and the next, are now the property of Twisted Jenius.

This site may contain ideas, views, images and philosophy which you may not agree with. If this is the case, you are legally obligated to change your views. If you see anything on this site which you would consider offensive, disturbing, disagreeable, disappointing, lame or otherwise undesirable; you have exactly five business days to change your personal views on this matter. You must relax, cease to be such an overly critical ass and obtain a fucking sense of humor.

If you fail to comply with these guidelines within five business days, we will press civil charges against you, and/or have you killed.

Twisted Jenius is not responsible for any illegal, immoral or unethical material found with in the Philosophical Content Advisory document. If for any reason a court finds any provision of this document, or portion thereof, to be unenforceable, that provision will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible, and the remainder will continue in full force and effect.