The Snail Factory

The Specter of War

The Snail Factory

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While bubbling scrubbles accounted for much of the janitorial staff, the Snail Factory favored squash as broomsmen. To that end, they were grown and chemically mutated into life in a devoted broomsman patch out behind the french fry fields.

Sid, growth name Broom Squash 707c, was the only squash in the factory allowed to wear a hat. Gourdi 492a was allowed to wear a visor as he worked outdoors, but Sid's hat was given to him by Grover Breign Jr as he parted for retirement, the cap having been his own for most of his time as C.E.O. Thus it would have been a blasphemy to ask him to remove it.

Sid worked at the factory until he grew old and mushy. His last act on the grounds was to hand the hat over to a young Luffa Mustafa (2655b) who would carry on the tradition with Cuke 3011a, who would hand it in time to his best pal Zuke 3782e, who upon his sacrifice to the kitchen to serve a visiting dignitary would hand the hat to Pepo Pumpkin, 4667d who wears it proudly to this day.