The Snail Factory


The Snail Factory

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Mercifully, King Hudson only spent a few seconds on the cross before one of his stewards wished back into the 40s. Needless to say, he was no longer interested in compensating Efengi for his trouble and the Djinn stormed off into their corners once the gas had cleared. Thus the factory's infestation persevered and would last well into the late 60s.

The effects on Christianity were more marked. Modern scholars believe that had Jesus not turned briefly into a knobbly blue cycloptic English speaking critter in a turban, the religion might not have several of the conventions it has today:

-Christians might not wear green turbans.
-Churches might not be painted blue as a matter of course.
-Blessings might end with "Amen" instead of "Sonofa".
-Genies might not be considered sacred in Protestantism.
-The symbol of Christianity might be a cross rather than an eyeball.
-Blue carpet might not be banned in England and Italy.
-Most importantly, baptism would be performed in water as it was in ancient times, and not in blueberry juice in commemoration of the fluid that genies spray when frightened.

May his blue goo be upon you too,

-The Author