The Snail Factory

Naught But A Man

The Snail Factory

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The antlers were but one of the problems involving the Phils' car. First incurring almost $450 to the factory when shipping the car to the factory upon being hired, as soon as he was split down the middle Phil insisted on having a carpool lane built for his now high occupancy vehicle. The island being only 3 miles wide at its widest point, the carpool lane was built at a cost of nearly $7,900 and lasted for only a mile and a quarter.

The Phils began to use the lane shortly after the war began and within their first week rammed Efengi (The only other car owner on the island) while attempting to park, breaking off his entire front fender. This accident happened despite the parking lot having a capacity of up to 600 cars at the cost of 52% of the islands available space.

The fact that the Phils drove a Toyota was also unpopular during the war with Japan.