The Snail Factory

Slürpi And The Forbidden Tree

The Snail Factory

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And in the wild, the little Bonsai was free of its master's whim. No longer constrained by the limits of his scissors or a low ceiling, it went feral and grew great, its voluminous boughs stretching under the vibrant sun to cover the garbagelands in a gentle shadow.

Slowly, under its cover, water began to condense, to drip, in years to foster life in the dew drops. Whither came the pixie folk, who lived in peace in a commune, upside down on the Bonsai leaves where they farmed aphids and drank the mists of every morning.

And the tree was at peace, until from below came the ants. Crawling up the great trunk in droves, they attacked the pixie folk and stole their food and befouled their leaves, which died away and became sustenance themselves for the worms, the moths, the things of which pixie folk's nightmare are made.

It seemed that only Sabutu, daughter of the pixie king Rygal survived the onslaught. She would become the first of her kind to dare to scale the sacred trunk and journey into the depths of the land below.

Seeking out no more than a myth, she wandered the maze of tin cans, the pit of unholy leftovers, the newspaper expanse and after ages and ages she found at last the grail to her holy quest: Gomi, Genie of the Rubbish Heap. She begged Gomi to replenish her lands and bring back her family, her home. But Gomi demanded a terrible price: Sabutu would have to become his wife.

Sabutu was willing but she didn't know that Mymard, a pixie boy whose unrequited love she had ignored in junior high, had followed her on the quest. He couldn't stand to see her sell her life to Gomi even if it would bring back their people. He challenged the genie to a battle to the death for her honor. If he won, the genie would grant her wish and leave her be. And if he died, he would give to the genie his sacred staff of Awakwan, which all genies were said to covet.

Their fight was waged for 7 days and 7 nights, and in the end it was Mymard who fell, cleaved in two by the genies sword. He took the pixie staff and placed it among his collection, now complete. The genie moved to gloat over his defeated opponent. But before him, Sabutu wept and upon seeing her tears, Gomi released her from the threat of marriage and renewed their civilization under the leaves and it did thrive for ten thousand pixie-years after, until came to it the great destroyer from whom no creature may run, time itself.

Rick also got another tree after complaining to Elliot.