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Long before taking the position in H.R., Giger S. Allen (or just Giger for short) was himself a parasite, having been contracted by Alexey Gagarin (Yuri's father) on a secret Soviet mission to LV-426 a few years before the official start of their space program.

He never really felt any camaraderie with his fellow parasites until Breign had them all locked away. His adult form being unparasitic in appearance he escaped persecution, and of course even if he had been headed for the internment camp his fearsome nature would have inspired the sudden "sympathy" of the SecBlob force to leave him be. So he mulled the situation over for a while and finally took action, freeing nearly all the parasitic employees in one fell swoop.

But today, there are several Internment Camp deniers who dispute Giger's existence altogether. Irving Davidson has outwardly accused the writers of The Snail Factory with inventing his exploits for a sympathetic tale to tell, citing that the character is in fact a fictional monster borrowed from a 1979 alien movie whose name escapes this author at the moment. Davidson goes on to suggest that his rescue of the parasitic employees was a mere ploy to draw the character in full after the artist had snuck it into several backgrounds of other episodes.

To this, we at the Snail Factory editorial staff resolutely deny the denials and remind Mr. Davidson that Internment Camp denial is illegal in some countries, and state to the readers that the events of the episode are highly evidenced, and that they should also try to find where we snuck in Predator really small in another background.