The Snail Factory

The Dunwich Hassle

The Snail Factory

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Mr. Whateley was summoned by mistake in 1929 when Dr. Rhizo attempted to grow an Exotic Apple Snail with directions from an old leatherbound book he found at Miskatonic University. Unfortunately, a loose page from another book in their library had been laid in place between the first half of the Apple Snail directions and the second, resulting in a combination of the correct phenylalanine agar and the incorrect invocation of the ancient gods of Carkosa.

The resulting abomination was locked away in the nerve tissue closet for 5 years and forgotten, but continued to grow rapidly and learn the language spoken around its prison. In time, calling itself the reincarnation of the avatar of Yog Sothoth, previously manifested as the brother of Wilbur Whateley of Dunwich, begged the research molds to feed him the sorrow of innocent men.

Luckily the food at the cafeteria seemed to fit his dietary needs suspiciously well. Mr. Whateley grew fat and slimy and before long worked as an intern for communications between the lab and head office. Shortly after the war began, Whateley was carrying a memo on preventative parasitology to Dr. Breign when the C.E.O. spotted the word parasite and had him thrown into the camp with other suspected parasitic employees.

After his release, Mr. Whateley continued his job with moderate success until retiring in 2011 to begin preparation for the return of the old gods to bring the world to utter ruin.