The Snail Factory


The Snail Factory

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Bad as the Factory's common state was, the aftermath of the riots was actually a bit worse than Dr. Breign implies. At any given time, one could expect 5% of the grounds to be on fire and up to 15% of the livestock to be unaccounted for, but the riots did quite a bit more damage. After the kitchen staff was refueled and repairs made, the numbers remained down for nearly 5 months despite new government contracts and the best income logged since 1937.

Oddly, some of the missing stock showed up years later on Elephant Island, Antarctica. Having grown large to eat penguins and survive on a newly evolved "Snail Blubber", these scientific curiosities were quickly bought up by Monsanto, which proceeded to make Snail Blubber a key ingredient in nearly every food they produced.

Even the one you're eating right now.