The Snail Factory

At Least They Didn't Wish For Immortality

The Snail Factory

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So passed Sa'el, the Genie of the Compensating Balance Wheel For The Clock In Stuart's Office. Though he would grant one final wish in death, his lifetime accomplishments were a worthy page for the Kitab of the Djinn. Among them:

-Granted Franklin D. Roosevelt his presidency
-Got Jason Whipple to sleep with Jenny Siltinger
-Made Genghis Khan fall off his horse
-Repaired the dress of Carla Smith-Johnson before her wedding
-Inspired the first telephone ringtone (A bell)
-Granted Johnny Dollar his own radio show

And most famously among his own people, Sa'el was the first Djinn to cleverly twist the words of an annoying master to make his nose fall off.