The Snail Factory

Siphon Blunder: Kitchen Ops

The Snail Factory

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Issue 741-A was solved but issue 741-B persisted: The missing tire of Saucier Bill Dozier. It took 3 SecBlobs to track down the missing tire which they found being used as a swing in Marketing.

Attempting to roll the tire back to the kitchen, the SecBlobs inadvertently ran over all seven of the micro-scrubbles that were supposed to be cleaning up Issue 619-C, the purple ink stain in the west hallway of the old tall tower's basement.

The purple ink stain persisted and offended Shannon Plumb, whose father was killed by the Purple Army in 1906. Thus he filed a complaint resulting in Issue 749-A, which Jeremiah attempted to settle with an extra Christmas bonus, only to find that Plumb was in fact a devout Muslim who resented the bonus and quit.

This resulted in Issues 750 A-L, and we all know what became of that.