The Snail Factory

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The Snail Factory

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Paul and Pat were both Vice Presidents of Finance for the factory. Generally working in the luxurious executive tower, they knew little of the mayhem and entropy that reigned over most of the factory.

Until that is, the day Paul got a new business card. Pat was shocked by its subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. It even had a watermark and envy swept over him like an uncontrollable storm of anger and frustration. Pat vowed to punish Paul for the superior, ostentatious card. For his slightly better apartment with a view of the bile silo. For his ability to get reservations at Escargosia, the fine dining corner of the cafeteria.

So one night Pat got Paul drunk and invited him back to his apartment. In a raincoat with the floor covered in newspaper, Pat chopped Paul's face off with an axe. Though he got away with the crime, many readers will of course recognize this story, as it's since become the basis for the popular Mary Harron film, "I Shot Andy Warhol".