The Snail Factory


The Snail Factory

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Djinntron waged an impressive battle against the factory. For a couple hours it mostly squirmed across the floor making a loud gurgling noise. It crushed the turban pile and twelve genies suffocated in its hot interior but persevered in making its way to the elevator.

Valiantly, Djinntron crammed its way into the wrought iron lift with only a few genies sticking out. They were sadly caught in the mechanism and mutilated horribly. But still, Djinntron rose up to the first level of the main factory floor.

Sadly, this is where its journey ended. Unable to squeeze back out of the elevator, Djinntron stayed stuck in the metal cage for 15 days, completely unnoticed by the factory workers. In those two weeks most of the Djinn starved and in their malnourished state, managed to hit the down button and escape the elevator to regroup.

This was the last time Djinntron would be formed at the Snail Factory, though some have suggested the genies tried again in 1972 in Hawaii, where they were mistaken for caviar and consumed at a luau along with the Kalua pig.