The Snail Factory

Leucochloridium Paradoxum

The Snail Factory

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I'd like to take some time out from our usual humorous hidden content to speak about an important problem that's all too rarely addressed in public discourse:

Esotropia is a condition that effects many Dugesiidae living today. Phil the Flatworm and his brother Pete the Planarian are both afflicted and while their roles in The Snail Factory are comedic, Esotropia is no laughing matter. Many young people today make fun of the cross eyed Tricladida and this causes severe self esteem problems, often leading to suicide. As Dugesiidae tend to form two distinct living beings when split in half, the numbers of depressed and incomplete flatworms doubles approximately every two weeks.

If you'd like to know more about the disease or how you can help, please write to our charity "Find A Cure: Esotropic Planarians And Lagophthalmic Myzostomidae", or simply look up the foundation by it's initials.