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The Snail Factory

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Mermalade might be the newest addition to the Snail Factory Gift Shop, but be sure to stop by for our full selection, including:

Snail Factory Snow Globes (Now with non-toxic snow)!
Posters of all your favorite SF products, including Snails, Slugs, Limpets, Nautili, Taffy and more!
Fossils of our eldest critters like Asteroceras and Goniatite!
Grow your own Snail kits! (Misuse of the Grow Your Own Snail kit may result in legal action resulting from copyright infringement)
Plush Snails, stuffed slugs and many other mummified molluscs!
Mucus! (Containers sold separately)
Slices of various former SF workers!
Books like "The History of the Snail Factory", "The Snail Factory Gallery", "Scientific Progress Goes Sllllrrrrk", "Shave the Snails" and more!
Records featuring the Snail Factory Saxaphone Band, including their latest single "Ooze Your Daddy"!
A jar of phlegm!
The Snail Factory Board Game!
Tasteful nude portraits of Dr. Breign and Elliot!
Model kits of our most popular products and of the factory itself!
Island grown French Fries!
And the old school trip favorite, "The Mystery Bag"

("Mystery Bag" not intended for children. May contain radioactive elements, neurotoxins, material offensive to certain religions, literature of sexually explicit nature, biohazardous living mutations from the reject bin, yeast, sharp objects and/or chunks of students lost on older field trips)