The Snail Factory

The Immolation of Julio the Coffee Bunny

The Snail Factory

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The tale of the Keratology Department is a tragic one, and it can't be told without the story of Rupert, the fluffiest bunny of them all. Seen here as the protagonist, Rupert got a job in Keratology his first day out of Bunny College.

At first he was happy to work his way up the ladder, working with Mr. Muffins and Mrs. Fluffytush as a simple assistant in the enamel lab. He would change out each shell, bring and secure the next, and repeat all day as Hoppy-John and Dr. Wimple ran their tests and took their notes.

But after six years of the same duties, Rupert began to realize there was no room for promotion as long as old Mr. Whiskers was in charge. It had all stayed exactly the same since he took over in 1919. So Rupert decided that if he were ever going to make something of himself, Mr. Whiskers had to die. Poisoning he old man's nightly nibbles, Rupert did away with the old department head and when Whiskers didn't show up the next morning, he took the initiative. He began giving orders and nobody really questioned it, so authoritative was his tone. Work went on as usual and Rupert was soon known as the Department head. Except for one thing-

Rupert never knew that to interact with Management, he would need the departmental code. Whiskers was dead and had never passed it on to his successor, and so Rupert had no way of contacting the factory above. Keratology tried to send pneumatic cylinders, tried to write letters and make all the calls that their secretary, Diddly-Snuggums III, could make, but all to no end without that code.

And so we find our setting under the rule of the yellow bunny Rupert, a lord of the flies, a king of the waste. Don't miss our next Keratology Department episode in which, having lost cafeteria rights, the bunnies must resort to cannibalism.