The Snail Factory


The Snail Factory

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"What am I", he thought, "Why am I here? I am surrounded by darkness, there seems no way out. But who is to say I should be seeking a way out? Though I hunger and thirst, what is this force within me that so quests for freedom?

"How could the world outside be any different? For thousands must starve every day and are they any better than me? Would I break free only to join them in their misery? Is collective suffering more moral or comfortable than my suffering here? For if I die in this bag, will not another live who already has their freedom, perhaps by divine right or by the right of might itself?

"No, I shall not quest for freedom because with freedom comes the responsibility to fight for that freedom, and no fight can take place but by the suffering of another. If I were to break free it would be a challenge unto the very fates that abandoned me here and though I hunger, it was fate that put me here to hunger and one cannot escape his fate. To do so would cause only misery as I consumed the bread which was to be the life's blood for a child.

So I shall remain that a child may live and roam free. But what if that child should be evil? Is it not then my right, nay, my duty to escape and prevent-" thought the little SpyBlob as his brain faded from starvation.

Ironically, that child grew up to be none other than Wilford Brimley, star of "The Thing" and many commercials for Diabetes medication.