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The Snail Factory

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Dan Flanagan of Ampersand, AL writes:

"Dr. Breign mentions in this episode that he's a reanimated cerebrum. I thought he was just built that way, what was he before and is he like, a zombie, or something? And seriously, how is he still in charge?"

The Author responds:

"Dr. Breign's Grandfather founded the Snail Factory in 1872. The entire family has passed the factory down from Grover C. Breign to his son, Grover Jr. (seen previously living in a cave) to Dr. Breign himself.

All of the Breign family are constructed from spare cerebral matter found in hospital dumpsters, or in the case of Dr. Breign, across the street from a family of health savvy cannibals (nerve tissue is extremely high in cholesterol). So Dr. Breign's brain is, technically speaking, reanimated tissue. His treads are also recycled, and most of his neckties are bought secondhand making him the most environmentally friendly Breign built as of 1941, if not the smartest.

For details on how to construct your own reanimated biomechanical treaded brain-monster, consult SF compendium #207 (Currently Out of Print)."