The Snail Factory


The Snail Factory

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Madison Whipple of Shreveport, Ireland writes:

"Dear Ari,

What are the weird cone tubes on top of Helminth House's buildings? I like how they look like a Dr. Seuss kind of structure. My friend has this theory that HH uses the tubes to spew out parasites into the atmosphere and infect everyone. But I think it's like a ventilation system because the stuff they manufacture is really small and has to be temperature controlled like circuitry. So thanks in advance for answering my question, and keep 'em coming, I love this comic!"

Ari Bach responds,

"How dare you use my first name?! You insolent disease of a human being, I will spork you in your fucking eyeballs and blind you if I ever meet you so that you will never again see my genius committed to the printed page. Of all the rude, moronic letters I've received, NEVER has anyone called me by my first name as if they know me. What do you think I am, your buddy, your pal? No way you retched brat. Pray we never meet or you will know pain to match the shame I cast upon you today. Burn in hell, slime bag.

PS The tubes are for catching birds."