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The Snail Factory

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Epilog: Judas did not share his cheese with Dr. Breign.

Gus Murtha the Gossip Monster started growing on the office water cooler in 1929. Though the market crash effected the Factory only slightly, it gave birth to an overwhelming flow of rumor, speculation and conversation about folks back in the States.

The mildew growing on the leaky cooler gradually picked up a knack for this tattle and quickly evolved into the coral critter we see today. On the eve of World War 2 he had grown enough sprouts to carry on seven conversations at once. As the small bit of nerve tissue within Gus stretched and diluted across each sprout the chatter became less and less accurate and much more wild in nature. By 1945 he spread insane proclamations about scientists having saved Hitler's brain, and throughout the Nixon presidency he was a proponent of New World Order and Illuminati jargon.

As of this writing, Gus runs over 40 conspiracy websites, acts as head of the 9/11 Truth Society, and is gearing up to publish his 3rd book, "JFK Killed Anna Nicole: An Eyewitness Account". There is no word on whether the reclusive Mr. Murtha has grown eyes.