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The decision to run this episode will surely be met by controversy, so one of The Snail Factory's original producers would like us to run the following statement:

Let's be clear about one thing: When we made this episode we had no idea that the actor playing Mr. Brusch was in fact Hitler's moustache. Larry Aprilfield in charge of casting was introduced to the famous bristle in 1938 when it went by the name of Stanley Ryder and forged a flawless American accent. Tricked completely, the subversive 'stache acted in and did receive payment for the role.

It was only in 1974 when Mr. Ryder was recognized in Argentina by one of his own victims. The moustache was immediately arrested and it was only a couple weeks before news hit the crew who had made the episode over 35 years earlier. Needless to say we were all horrified. The episode was never shown from 1974 onward until this airing in 2012. When episode 59 ran and the time came to make the fateful decision, I and others agreed that the wounds of the past could never heal as long as we tried to hide them. We run this episode in the hopes that honesty and prudence will win out, that despite the single actor the episode can now stand on its own, and that discourse on the subject will help assure that the crimes committed will be remembered so that nobody may ever be able to commit them again.

With hope and sincerity,
Dwayne Hirohito