The Snail Factory

Elliot Relates a Grievance

The Snail Factory

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The Lyle L. Püchworthy Memorial Ballroom existed in its own building on the far north side of Ile St. Paul, adjacent to the gastrointestinal system reject dump.

Lyle himself was born at the factory in 1890. Raised and educated within the compound, he departed in 1906 to make his fortune in Belgium as a mime. Discovered by a band of traveling circus performers, he joined in their efforts until the breakout of World War 1. Serving in the trenches, he saw the horrors of new artillery up close and gained a 'thousand yard stare' which unnerved most who met him.

That was Lyle's cross to bear until he was again discovered by F.W. Murnau who was compelled to put the mask of terrible experience on film. Lyle played small roles in many of the director's revolutionary films and attended functions and premieres with several of Europe's most important personalities. Not content as an actor however, he entered politics and tried to maintain the peaceful currents of French-German relations right up to his assassination by the SS in 1928. When news reached the factory there was a long moment of silence for the slug who had accomplished so much since he entered the world on their assembly lines.

The auditorium was finally destroyed by a ravenous kaiju in 1954.