The Snail Factory

Freon Leak

The Snail Factory

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And so passed the Snail Factory kitchen staff. Only Chef Goulet survived to attend to funerals of:

Saucier Sicamore Jones, Great Saucier of Numernor, heir to the Gravy Ladle of Narset, son of Maple Jones III and keeper of the 16th Salt Shaker of Dun-Kazar.

Sous-Chef Donald Donloe Dil-Dweezle, Master of the Greater Fry-o-lator of Hepalseti Savior, Witness to the Ascension of Whipple, Husband to Cleotiri, Neferpatra and the Harem of Tranmar (all of whom were albino).

Plongeur Ragly Nigel and Marmiton Nelly Nigel-Louis, sibling wash masters and graduates of the Hapsfield Dishwashing College of San-Martel, also the final proteges of Fitz-Rafael Ortiz von Muensterhoffen Wilhem Krakkerbarillheimenhosen.

Rotisseur Nico "Noodles" Bamboozle, who died in a failed attempt to save Grillardin Gerad Hardin and Friturier Fritz Earlour, survived only by his son Basil Bamboozle and daughter Bess-Bissel Bamboozle.

Garde Manger Arthur Nopolis (Formerly Papadachylopolis), who had previously served in the Great War as mess guard for the 7th Infantry Regiment and earned a Purple Heart for taking a bullet that would have hit Raymond Poincare's Raspberry Eclair.

Boulanger Meatmasher Michelsen, who had hammers for hands and knives for feet.

Boucher Boucher, who was a waffle.

Garçon de Cuisine Bill Timid, the only human ever to work at the Snail Factory.

Communard Lohman Lomansdottir, who all expected to go on to a great career as a stand up comedienne.

And a bunch of mediocre waiters I didn't think up names for.