The Snail Factory

Meine Freunde

The Snail Factory

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He was born Heinrich Luitpold Spülbecken. 1906 in Rheydt, just south of Mönchengladbach. His father was the wash basin of Wilhelm II. His mother was a Russian chamber pot in the service of Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin.

As war loomed on the horizon of Europe, the Spülbecken family moved to the United States, where they took the name "Sink". They lived happily until 1914 when Heinrich, Henry in the USA, heard of the war back home. He was 8 years old when he ran from his parents and stowed away on the Lusitania. Once the ship approached the United Kingdom, Sink betrayed their position to a German U-Boat. 1,198 souls died, and Heinrich found his way into German hands.

Soon after, he met Hans von Seeckt. After the war, Sink became one of the first Arbeits-Kommandos and carried out assassinations against informers on the Schwarze Reichswehr. But after the Nazis came to power and the Reichswehr became the Wehrmacht, Sink and his kind were held up to scrutiny and suspicion. Sink left his native Germany and headed for India. Little is known about him during those years.

He resurfaced in 1938, literally, when he washed ashore on Ile Saint-Paul. At first mistaken for a common functional sink, he was relegated to a storage room behind the Eyeball Silo. The tale of his escape, his rise and fall from grace within the factory will also be told... Aber nicht heute.