The Snail Factory

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The Snail Factory

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Father Frother, the first yeast priest ordained by the Catholic Church, was transferred to the Snail Factory after he got into a drunken altercation with Cardinal O'Hydrate in 1932.

As only 4% of the Factory was Catholic (The arrival of the new kitchen crew brought that up to 6%), Father Frother found himself lonely and bored. Turning first to the Lord and then to his family, the Priest finally found some solace in frequent correspondence.

Father Frother's brother Arthur wrote often to tell him of various goings on in their native Ireland. He was happy to report that Father Frother's other brother, Luther had reconciled with their Mother, Heather. Sadly though, their Father, Roger, had mysteriously developed a lisp.

His family would visit from time to time, as would the Cardinal who always came offering the olive branch of peace, but in the end the two would find themselves at odds and finally, in 1968, the two killed each other in another drunken brawl. The Cafeteria served their whiskey remains for years to come, and it has since become a valuable commodity in Ireland and the Americas.