The Snail Factory

A Symphony Of Horror

The Snail Factory

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The vaporization of Count Orlok went unnoticed by the factory and Elliot simply assumed the tour had not been to the potential investor's satisfaction. As such, Elliot implemented a few new policies for investor visits:

-Dr. Breign was to be off the island for the entire week any investor would visit, even if the visit were cancelled.

-The toothy snail, wooly snail and other "free range" prototypes were to be given sensitivity and sexual harassment training.

-Suicide nets were to be extended by 5 feet, and additional outdoor janitors were to be hired.

-Research molds and lab personnel were only to work on proven experiments in the investors presence.

-Research molds were no longer allowed to play God during investor visits, also F.D.A. inspections.

-Gungor was not to meet potential investors.

-No components, parts, limbs or organs of employees were to be given to investors as gifts until; A- The employee signed a release form; and B- The doctor made certain the employee could grown said body parts back.