The Snail Factory

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The Snail Factory

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Working only with his feet, Efengi labored long into the night before he found the first seams in Lemarchand's box. Slowly the box revealed itself, yielded its mysteries one by one as he solved each panel, each form, each facet. All the while Efengi felt something shifting in the air, behind reality the dimensions turned and twisted around him as if bound to the box. Until finally, the last side clicked into place and the walls were torn around him, marking the arrival of the cenobites.

They were just the sort of pals Efengi hoped to meet. They took him fishing with their great strong hooks and for the first time since fishing with his dad, Efengi caught a real lunker that he shared with the otherworldly monks for dinner. Of course, Butterball ate most of it. After that they had a game of charades and gathered around the couch to tell jokes and stories of good times.

Later that night as Pinhead trimmed his nails and the Chatterer nibbled away in the chilly night air, Efengi and the lone female of the bunch shared some chocolate dipped strawberries and cuddled by the fireplace. He stroked both her hairs and gently eased the wires from her throat and the two tenderly kissed. The next morning the mysterious creatures headed home to their dimension of cold fire and agony, as did Efengi to his. But all felt warm the next day having met their new friends: Demons to some, angels to others.