The Snail Factory

Slug Bucks

The Snail Factory

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The looting was but one of the problems created by "Slug Bucks".

Owing to the massive switch in Factory currency, the mint was forced to pump out exceptional amounts of slug bucks causing horrific inflation. By the end of the first day, a slug buck was worth 1/14th of a Peso and it only went downhill from there. As they were the only tender accepted at the Cafeteria, employees caused jams coming to eat with wheelbarrows full of slug bucks, a single donut costing around 40,000.

Adding to the problem was the shape of the slug buck. Not trusting paper money, Dr. Breign insisted each buck be a cast iron coin in the shape of a slug weighing 3 pounds each with a security hologram on the underside. This in itself could have been disastrous, but Breign also insisted that there be no denomination but the single slug buck. No 20s, 50s or as would have been helpful in the end, 200,000,000 buck coinage.

The factory smelting plant was overwhelmed and the island quickly ran out of Bismuth, the material of choice. Eventually (within 3 days) the Factory returned to the dollar and fell back to its normal inefficiency. The massive heaps of worthless slug bucks were melted down and sold to Jason Bismol, the inventor of Pepto Bismol which exploited the cheap Bismuth for stomach medicine.

Dr. Breign's original treads were never found, Elliot's body turned up in a pile of slug bucks near a dumpster.