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Boiler Room: Plumbing the Dark Depths of Plumbing-

This week I've been working on the boiler room for the remastered edition of Twisty's Asylum Escapades. The boiler room is the largest room in the basement level of the asylum and was loosely inspired by the character Freddy Krueger's favorite hang out/lair in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.


In addition to being one of the first rooms that the player encounters in the game, it also serves the notable function of being the setting for the human sacrifice, which summons the ghosts into the asylum and sets off some of the events and chaos which helps Twisty to escape. Obviously the ghosts are important as this is a horror spoof game and since this occurs in an asylum, as with all asylum based horror games, you must have the obligatory supernatural element crammed in there along with the standard murderous psychopaths (because just having a giant killer brain roaming around on his own isn't good enough and so you also need the place to be haunted too).

Though one notable difference that Twisty's Asylum Escapades has when compared to other asylum based horror games is that the player is actually the one who deliberately unlocks the supernatural forces that wreak havoc on the place. But that's just the kind of quality pro-evil perspective that you can expect from Twisted Jenius.


The boiler room also features several large tanks, eerie red lighting, a 5 pointed star drawn in blood, a seemingly pointless catwalk that literally goes nowhere and lots and lots of pipes. Because we're remastering the game, part of my job is to improve the various environments, and so that pretty much means I need to add more pipes. It's a relatively easy way to insert more "detail" into the environment and since most gamers seem to associate complexity and detail with "good graphics", adding pipes is a simple way of doing that. It's true that the room already has many pipes, but I think we can fit more pipes in there. And thus by copying and pasting a whole lot of pipes, the room will be "improved". I'll probably also do some stuff with the textures and lighting as well.

Be sure to tune in next time and follow along with this development blog, as we continue our journey deep into the brain of darkness known as Twisty's Asylum Escapades.

- False Prophet