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Terror Chasm Pre-Alpha Testing-

We've just about completed the latest pre-alpha version of Terror Chasm, and we are currently beginning preparations and setting things up to get some testers to try the game. This is significant because it will be the first time that anyone outside of Twisted Jenius has played Terror Chasm and has been in a position to give us feedback on it.

This won't be the kind of testing that involves finding bugs or details of usability, but it will be more of a focus group kind of test, to see what kind of an impression gamers (a.k.a. the types of people that Terror Chasm is made for) have of the game in this early stage. This will give us a better idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the game, and will help us to determine what aspects of the project will need more time and attention as we move forward with our dark and dastardly development.

- False Prophet