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Terror Chasm 2D Art-

Here we have some new 2D art that I created for Terror Chasm, in preparation for the upcoming release of the alpha demo. One image is promotional, one will appear as part of the download for the game and one serves as updated concept art.

This first picture is a “box art” style image for the game. Although we already have a more simplistic Terror Chasm logo which includes a silhouette of our character Lilly running from the monster plant and over a chasm that we use in a lot of places, I wanted another promotional image that would be more detailed. Specifically, I wanted something that would show the character up close, since I felt that would be more dramatic. The idea for the image itself, particularly the composition, was inspired by the paintings that appeared on classic suspense themed pulp magazine covers that were prominent from the late 1800s up until about the 1950s. I figured that if those types of covers worked so well for selling and sensationalizing horror, mystery and thriller content on the newsstands, then it might work for our game as well. Of course the actual style of the art itself is much more in line with my own contemporary and perhaps “cartoony” sensibility, but I'm hoping to channel at least a little of that lurid pulp magazine feeling in the image.


The second picture is going to appear in the download/loading screen of the alpha demo. It's kind of designed to be a “scene setter” and it's the first publicly available image (I had done a few sketches of it previously) of the exterior of the temple itself. It serves the purpose of giving the player a hint of the context of where all of this might be occurring and indicating what the outside of the building might look like. Plus we just needed an image there, so it made more sense to do something like that than to just have a generic screen with abstract colors or complete blackness. See, it's both creative and functional!



The third picture is an updated version of the character concepts. This one is likely more accurate to what the final characters will be like when the game is complete (this will be a multiplayer game when it's all said and done, remember?). For this Alpha demo we just have a single player experience and so only one of the characters has actually been fully modeled textured and animated for the game. But there will be others, even if some details are subject to change between now and when I actually make them.

- False Prophet