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In the year 2748, the Intergalactic Enforcement Bureau has sent an elite team of alien operatives to bust up the dreaded drug cartel ring of the Ziwyx family. Should this elite force, lead by the dashing yet arrogant Captain Jack Trigamma, break down the front door or smash through the side window?
As the team breaches the door, the drug peddlers scatter behind cover. "Look, it is the dashing yet arrogant Captain Jack Trigamma!" is yelled by Jack himself, with his hand half covering his mouth in a desperate attempt to throw his voice. The sound of laser rifle fire soon fills the room. Jack sees an overturned table. Should he take cover or stand his ground?
The team's explosive charges ring out with a deafening roar as glass from the window goes flying into the room. Maybe they used a bit too many charges, but that doesn't matter now. The criminals inside are amazed by the display of shock and awe as the team swiftly breaches the building. The movements of Jack's team are done with the up-most precision. Like a well choreographed ballet of death. Jack enters the room last to be as dramatic as possible. Should Jack simply read them their rights or take the opportunity to display some of his world(s) famous wit?
Type the following, you must type at a minimum of 30 words per minute to be able to checkout: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled p... wait, tongue twisters don't work when you're typing them. Plus you could just copy and paste this, but don't because that would be cheating. In fact, forget I even mentioned that. Just Google the rest of that tongue twister and put that in the input box because this is no longer a typing test, now it's a scavenger hunt.

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