The Snail Factory

The Helminth Candidate

The Snail Factory

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It was with some hesitation that Winslow came to the conclusion that Dr. Breign needed to die. Shortly before Mr. Sink's arrival, a Helminth board meeting determined that while the Snail Factory was not much of a threat, Breign's unpredictability was dangerous to both their companies.

Oddly enough, it was on the same day that the Nazi Party decided Grover Breign Jr. would make a better C.E.O. for their own interests that Helminth House came to the exact same conclusion. When Sink left Germany for the parasitic party, Winslow's assistant asked if he would be willing to kill Dr. Breign and suggested he have a plan ready by the time he met Winslow.

Winslow had of course formulated his own plan and had Meemar the Yellow Diphyllobothrium Larva (an intern) get a pistol from Helminth's head security worm and arms annelid, Ruger Luger Kruger. Kruger's history with Sink had not yet come to light for Helminth House H.R., and it was only when Mr. Sink returned the weapon that the two old nemeses met again for the final time.